Yes Blogging is a Real Job! 9 Tranferrable Skills I learnt From Being a Blogger

Primarily, I am a Blogger & Youtuber. I am proud to be one because its something I genuinely enjoy doing. Even though I am not as immensely successful as some big bloggers out there yet, I still enjoy doing it. It is not less of a professional job, like most snobs would rather believe.

Usually when I met people for the first time and introduced myself, I see them forming all kind of conclusions about me. When asked what I do and I reply Blogger and Youtuber, the majority of the conservative group think “hmmm jobless”. Or one of my favourite, Over confident and attention seeking. Then comes my favourite question, ” Do you get paid enough for that”? . Well b•tch, I do not remember asking you for any financial assistance!

Although I do not actually respond back to them using those exact choice of words, I for the most part have to deploy a great strength to hold back myself from saying them. I mean, I do not ask you if you are happy with your life when you tell me what you do for a living. Unless I am just being extremely paranoid, I do find most peoples’ attitude towards other creative professions rather rude and snobbish. Its 2017 and yet they are still people looking down on other peoples’ creatives choices? shame.

Got me wondering what some people think bloggers do.  Maybe to them, we are just fashion bimbos who only care is to parade the streets wearing expensive things. Or narcissist with too much time on ours hands. Thus I am comply to point out some of the amazing skills and work that is required to becomes a blogger. Purely from an intellectual point of view, here are skills set that I developed through blogging:

  1. Creative Content Curation – Also known as Researching and gathering information. Most bloggers are prolific content curator in other to have topics to work with. Whatever their area of blogging is, they have to first gather as much information as possible.  Researching into their niche and audience preferences to keep them informed, entertained and coming back. In my case I opt for interesting ways to present various subjects, using fashion and beauty as my creative tool.
  2. Analyst – No we are not just bimbos, for the most part we have to be as accurate as possible when sharing stuff online. This of cause excludes blog post that related our own personal opinions and views. Mostly, we have to share facts, hence differential trash from truth is important in this line of work too.
  3. Creative Writing – Writing, grammar, punctuations and many more. I can not begin to explain enough how much my grammar and writing skills have improved since blogging. Writing as often as I do, I get the chance to practise and improve all the time. Spelling, pronunciations and use of new words are paramount too.  Having complying topics that grabs the audience attention for instead is a necessary skills to also have.
  4. Persuasive Writing- Here is one of my favourite attributes that I always love putting to use. With blogging, you need to negotiate with brands and in many ways your audience too. It takes a combination of creative writing and persuasion to have people coming back to your blog. And for brands to want to sponsor your work as well.
  5. Negotiation – With this skill set, a blogger can really get the ball rolling. Knowing who to talk to, when and how. Written or Verbal, we negotiate daily as bloggers, of cause this would differ per platforms. The bigger the blogger the the more brands comes knocking. Nevertheless, big or small, we have to negotiate somehow. With fellow bloggers on collaborative projects for instance. Photographers, stylist, make up artist etc are also some professionals that we need vastly in our line of work.
  6. Location and Set Designing – No it is not just as easier as going outside to take some pictures. You have to plan,  then go location scouting before getting everyone else there. This is the case if you are organising an outdoor shoot. Indoor shoots on the other hand required some serious eyes for attention to details. Flat lays, colours, probs to mentions a few are a bloggers’ best friend.
  7. Photography and Editing – Here comes my favourite part… or not! Editing ( Pictures or Video ) is F•cking time consuming, This is why most bloggers settle to have an in house photographers that gets it all done for them. Meanwhile, not all bloggers can afford this leisure, hence we have to master this skill ourselves too.
  8. Social Media Marketing – The big elephant in the room. Standing out within such a busy industry with a vase collection of brands too is no child’ play. It required a lot of skills to actually market and promote yourself as a brand. And yes we do that ourselves too, only for the exception of very few.
  9. Confidence and Assertiveness – Yes most bloggers are confidence, and what is wrong with that? Not everyone started off being so confident and all, besides the world have enough people suffering from the lack of it. Stop bashing bloggers as attention seeking and narcissists then turn around and complain about people being insecure. Bloggers with the right intention can also help empower their audience, I have seen this happen on multiple platforms.

Inclusion, most bloggers can get ” real jobs ” or whatever that means as we build transferrable skills daily. We would just rather blog, some full time others per time. As for my pay and how I survive, Please stop asking as it is rather disrespectful. Whatever career path anymore decided for themselves, it is their very own business, leave them to it. And most importantly, stop looking down at Bloggers and other creative individuals because they have fun while working!

Love Promise x


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