How To Style Extreme Short Denim Skirt For all Occasions

Surely I am not the only one who has ever been frustrated by Short Denim Skirt?. They are so beautiful to look out but the lengths are impractical. No, I have no problem at all wearing extremely short things. However, I like to look confident in them when I do. To achieve this;

  1. I choose my skirt with great care! Where are the openings if any? How tight or loose are they? What fabric is it made from etc.

2. Try them on before buying! This is important because I love wearing things on the waist. I need to make sure the length is fine to start from the waist. Also, by trying them on first I know if it would be too tight, too loose and what can be done to improve them

3. Now that I have decided what to get, what can I style them with?. with this Short Denim Skirt I went for a smart casual vibe. By choosing an oversize with a collared shirt, I was able to add a bit more length to my skirt. You can also do this using T.Shirt and dresses.

4. Statement Jewelry is you friends so do not be afraid to use them!. By throwing on this beauty tropical statement neck piece by Aldo, I am able to divert a lot of attention from the length of my skirt. There is so much to see upward that my length does not appear so extreme short anymore.

I might even be able to pass this look off as my work wear outfit if I am feeling brave enough. However way you decide to style use, remember you look as confident as you feel from within!

Love Promise x



Photos by Amanda-Jayne Easmon

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