The Hyatt Regency Hotel Review: Where to Stay in Birmingham

As promise guys here is my post reviwing the Hyatt Regency  Hotel, Birmingham. This is where we went for my late birthday weekend celebration. I honestly did not want to come back because it was actually too good. This hotel played a huge part in making my weekend a very memorable experience. The room, facilities and general surrounding was all I needed and more.

Getting a room at the Regency Club floor, actually their highest floor( 24th) was the start of the excitement. The view from the room where simply amazing and we spent hours just staring out the glass windows. Another advantage with the regency club floors where the use of the lounge areas. We got to have intercontinental breakfast and dinner buffets complimentary of the hotel too. 

The Hyatt Regency  lounge was also open till late for conferences, meetings, general relaxations with great view and snacks. The view made the Hyatt Regency  location premier, just typing this makes me wish I was there at the moment. All around the hotel was a 360 view of the very busy Broad street and its surroundings. Should you have wished to go out for a stroll, they was plenty to see without spending money to travel around.

Gym, Swimming pool, a jacuzzi connected to the pool, a sauna and cold deep section where all inclusive in our deal. Cleary the layout of the Hyatt Regency was carefully considered from design to conception. Ones at the leisure area, you had access to everything you needed. You only had to walk a few feet from the pool areas to the sauna as they where right next to each other. Most people jumped from one to the other which was what we did too!

Extra spa and beauty treatments was also available for those willing to pay the price. 24 hours room service, bar and restaurant where located at the lobby of the hotel. The whole area was always clean, quite and welcoming. The Hyatt Regency impressed me immensely especially with the sweet deal we got through price comparison website.  

The only complained  I had would be the lack of complimentary snacks on arrival. Rather we where provided with a mini bar and a snack tray that were for sale. This felt quite unwelcoming with its attached price tag that was less than reasonable. Luckily, this issue was too minor to ruin any of the experience either way.

For the view alone I would gladly visit again, as a whole I would still gladly go back. Facilities, environment, quality of food, value for money, location and more, they score 5* from me. It truly was a beautiful short but sweet trip, I only wished I could have stayed  a bit longer. Also wished I had more time to sight see the area, hyatt regency was so self sufficient we barely stepped out the hotel!

It was my first time visiting Birmingham by the way, hopefully I can get to visit more capital cities in the UK Soon. Let me know what hotels you guys have been to around UK that you could not wait to visit again. I am hopeful my next trip would top this experience although I have my doubts too. Whatever the case, I can’t wait to experience another magical weekend away soon. I promise to record a Vblog on my next trip away as well as a written review!

Love Promise x



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