My First Impression of Missguided Wedding Dress Collection

Missguided launched its wedding dress collection ( Missbrided ) May Last year, offering wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding lingeries and shoes at considerably decent prices of £180 or Less. My first impression was on their prices; the idea of spending less than £200 on a wedding dress could be beyond appealing to most, especially if considering the general price factors attached to having a wedding. However, would you consider a Fashion Retail store i.e  Missguided for your wedding Dress? 

Although i’m generally not one to put much emphasis on the price tags of my day to day clothes, I still would not consider a Missguided, Asos or even a House of Fraser for this occasion except if they included a fitting studio with a lot more varieties than what they currently offer. For me its all about its’ uniqueness and fit which I felt Missguided was lacking in their Missbrided collection; the lack of personal attributes that comes with being able to design that perfect dress for your big day or simply the ability to modify it to your taste is one thing I would not consider giving up. The stress and hassle of fitting and trying on dresses, finding the right dress, needing to alter them and more are all ceremonial rights of every girl and guy for which memories would be forever remembered if not cherished. 

Do not get me wrong as I am not saying there is anything bad in buying your dress from a retailer,( I am not a snob non crazy loaded ) just saying that there aren’t enough varieties and options for one to select from compared to a bridal shop. Buying a wedding dress online also lacks that personal relationship that most people establish from trying and modifying their dress to fit their desired preference. I would however consider getting a wedding lingerie from a Missguided and other wedding essentials like bridesmaid dresses, shoes and accessories from other retailers like Asos, House of Fraser, House of CB London and more. Click here for Missbrided Full Collection.

Love Promise x


                                                                                            Bridesmaid Dress


                                                                                                Wedding Lingerie


                                                                                                Wedding Shoe


                                                                                                       Wedding Dresss


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