Bottomless Champaign, Networking, Freebees: My fashion week Experience

   London fashion week ends today and I already miss the whole vibe. I got to see a few shows, presentations and met new people. Personally, its a germ to be around so much creativity and like minded people too. There are of course other really exciting reasons why most people love fashion week. Freebies, endless champaign, food, music and I would say the biggest of all Exposure. 

Its a competitive industry thats so hard to break into, places like fashion week, talks, events and festival create opportunity for individuals to be seen. I mean who would not like to feel like a celebrity for the day right?. What ever the reasons are, I totally can’t stay away and already looking forward to next season. I want to see more outfits, encounter new/interesting designers and lastly share what I do with others.

Interestingly but not surprising enough, my afro totally stole the show wherever I was. The amount of people who came up to me because of it was almost overwhelming. What I was more surprised by however, was how the men where most interested in finding out about my hair. This had been the case even before fashion week too. They came up to me everywhere, shopping maul, bus stops, on the street and more. I didn’t think the guys would be so curious to find out if my hair was real or not but they where which was fun. 

Photographers where the other group of people my hair attracted; fair to say a few would love a piece of the action. The stares I usually receive whenever am out paid off with networking opportunities like that. Getting some products to review was the last thing I was really pleased by. All in all its is safe to say that this fashion week was splendid and hopefully next season would be too. 

I have been uploading non stop on my instagram and twitters accounts, if you not already following me there you really should. Instagram @ _justpromise Twitter @_justtpromise.

Love Promise x

 With Fashion Designer John Herrera

   At Barrus SS17 Show

 Korean Beauty Brand Masque Bar

Goodie bag 

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