City Chic in Strips and Linen; Self Love / Vulnerability + Finding Myself

Hey guys welcome back, I have found myself speaking a lot about Self Love /  Vulnerability and just general growth. Thought no better time to address such an issue than while its fresh and in focus. Not exactly sure when the words self love / vulnerability became a difficult issue to speak about for most. The more people I speak to the more I realise that vulnerability more than self love is such a hard topic to many.

Society have conformed us so much that everyone would rather been seen as strong all the time than allow themselves a moment of weakness. Self love / Vulnerability are things most would view as weak or vein. You can’t love yourself too much as some might view it as over confidence or snobbish. You also do not want to appear weak in most situations such as in your working environment, relationships and more.

In moments of grief and lost, society says there should be certain unspoken rules that should be followed. You can not grief too much non too little, too openly non be too closed off either. To allow ourselves days off to be upset, depress and miserable would be frown upon by most. Furthermore, when do you have all that time off to be unhappy and miserable when others are busy achieving goals right? 

What this leaves us with are people who are genuinely unhappy, in relationships but lonely, rich but empty and more. Just because we are all supposedly achieving goals, grabbing jobs and education does not mean we are happy. Without addressing issue like self love / vulnerability in our day to day life we can’t be happy. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and feel pain or show pain every once in a while is not weakness but necessity. 

We are humans not machines; pain, happiness, sadness, joy and more are a daily part of who we are. So why do we treat such issues like self love / vulnerability as a taboo. Even when its talked about, its only in the contents of how lacking it has become and this should change. Vulnerability should not mean weakness in any gender, age or culture. Men and women alike have many times in their life to feel vulnerable about and self love can help. Addressing it and facing it heads on is what we should be doing and not avoiding it.

My outfit today on the other hand is an abandoned project in a way. I have become so inspired after uploading my Spring Lookbook which did so well. I have since put up two more lookbooks since then and have quit a number of ideas that I plan to put up soon too. One of those ideas included a chic work summer lookbook which I started but stopped. Hence these images; yes they look great but they are far from my version. Although I can not yet put into words what I want, I do know this is not it.

Would I still upload a work lookbook? Yes definitely. I am not afraid to admit when I am unhappy with any project. Mostly importantly, I am happy to start afresh if I feel the need to. This is where my self love / vulnerability comes in, I love myself enough to want the best at all time. Also do not have any problem showing vulnerability in-terms of admitting to failure or things that’s not working. Growth comes from both. Yes you can’t show vulnerability to everyone, hence a strong support of trusted friends and family is essential.  

At the end of the day, self love / vulnerability should not be a taboo at all. Allowing ourselves to embrace our pain and joy is true strength. Have a fabulous week and speak to you guys real soon….

Much love Promise xxx 

                                                                                                                               Photos by Amanda- Jayne Easmod





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Trousers – Miss Selfridge || Top – Primark || Wallet Bag – Mango || Glasses – Primark

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