Channeling my Inner French Girl in Checked Red Comb

Nothing says French Girl Fashion than some beautiful bold vibrant red lipstick and chic stripy Tops or Dresses; with the Parisian street style its all about effortless and timeless fashion. To some their fashion sense might be too relaxed and basic, however it is this relaxed taste of theirs that gives off the seamlessly effortless too cool for school vibe that most people love and recreates over and over again. French street styles is always praised for its cool, IDGAF easy going mood that they convey with matching confidence; it is only fair to say that the ladies and gents do know how to wear their clothes and not the other way round which is why I looked up to them for some inspiration this time around.

Personally I believe what you’re wearing has the power to deter or elevate your mood which is why you hear a lot of people say ” I dress according to my mood ” myself included. I believe their are other factors too that plays a great part in how we dress like our budgets, the nature of the event we are attending, the people we intend or might be meeting there ( ex boyfriends or girlfriends lol ) and more. Our moods however takes presidency over all other factors; its for this reason we change our outfits last minute or have several clothes and accessories chilling in our wardrobe un-touched for years. Its simply, if you not feeling it, it will show.

To be inspired by someone or a group of people is not to copy but rather to find ways to convert elements that you like. Hence in this case I choose to convey the french girl flare, her ability to emote confidences in minimal pieces and the use of red to enhance an outfit. I also choose checked patterns over their favoured strips purely out of personal preference; detailed sleeve tops and blouses are also proving to be a huge trend this year too. For maximum effect, pick different checked patterns because its stands out better than if the prints are exactly the same. The theme for this valentine look is inner and outer confidence, yes you look good but do you also feel good and confidence as a french girl would? Click Here for Full Lookbook video now up on my youtube channel.

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Blouse:Topshop || Bag: Stradivarius || Skirt: H&M || Shoe: OfficeUK  Similar

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