The £20 Primark Denim Distress Jacket You Must Get While Stock Still Last!

Happy New week guys, I am going to be talking about this Primark Denim Distress Jacket that everyone is buying. Usually I won’t go for something so popular but honestly it just too good to miss out on. Finding the perfect jacket in general is already a chore. Now having something that combines all the […]

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How I Style Petite and Tall From Missguided – Saturday Weekend Outfit of The Day

Another weekend here guys, hope the week have been ok? I shop in both Petite and Tall simply because I find Petite clothing alone too limited. Often the tall section have all the fun, I mean the options are limitless and much more exciting. Hence, I often find myself in the tall section; but sometimes I […]

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Primark low budget Lingeries plus how Lingeries can boost your self confidence

Not to say that I would ever choose Lingeries over Diamonds, but they comes pretty close for me. There are lots of reasons I love lingeries, they make me happy when I am down. I found that personally, I would worry about my underwear before I would my outer clothes. You see I believe the inside […]

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