Carnival Bank Holiday Weekend: What I Got Up!

Happy Carnival Bank Holiday guys, to know that even London weather is in a cheerful mood today is amazing. Extended weekend, sunshine and Carnival? well, that’s almost too good to be true. But it is and it won’t last forever so enjoy it while it does. Just because you ain’t going out should not mean you don’t  have a good time still.

Personally, I work mainly weekends and lazy around on weekdays. Still, as this weekend was packed with fun activities, I also endeavor to enjoy it too. Did not go to Carnival? well me neither! Instead, I am using this time to catch up with things. With what you may ask? shoots, friends, food, movies, rest etc. 

This extended weekend provides a great time to catch our breath, use it wisely. My bodysuit is from Primarks. Glasses from Alixpress. Well, just becasue I am not at carnival don’t mean myself and a few friends can slay while relaxing. Gossip, shitty t.v programs, good food and great company, you would be glad you did. 

Have a great Week guys and speak soon…Love Promise X

Love Promise X



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