Birthday Excitements plus Outfit of the day

   Happy birthday to me, yes it my birthday and its been completely amazing, maybe its because I have no expectations whatsoever. I just want to relax, enjoy all the love and attention from everyone today like the little diva that I am. Morever I also get to hear from lost friends and busy relatives. Content, rested and focus, all I want to do is to allow today play out however it deems fit. 

Of course the outfit and hair had to be lit lol, what do you guys think of orange as my birthday hair?. You know that feeling when you have something new and need some getting use to. I am still in the process of embracing the hair but I guess their is still plenty for the adjustment. The outfit on the other hand I love.

As far as it wasn’t another glam dress, I was fine. Honestly, I wanted a pastel Colour outfit but could not find anything I liked. I had initially wanted a light pinkish tone but black won the game. I swear days when I have no intentions to buy anything I find everything nice at the shops. It was such a struggle finding anything I really liked for this shoot, I had to just settle for whatever. Thats’ the problem with expectations, if I did not have any expectations selecting my outfit would have been easier.  

So let me talk you guys through what I ended picking. Underneath my denim skirt ( by Zara ) is a net dress by Stradivarius. If am being totally honest, I wanted something much freer and longer for my birthday look. The Zara skirt got my attention because of its non symmetric lines, frail distress denim are here to stay. Oh by the way primark has totally switched up their underwear collection, so many beautiful choices to pick from. My brallet set is by them.

I am just simple grateful for the gift of life and the amazing people around me. My excitements lays in my visions and whats to come for me and those around me. For now though, am just going to enjoy this day along with the little bliss life is throwing my way.

Love Promise x  

Photos by Amanda Jayne Easmon

Insta: @amanda_says_gracias


Facebook: @Amanda-Jayne Easmon

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