Zara’s Affordable Line Trafaluc (TRF) Everyone Should Know About

 Hey guys, today I wanted to draw your attention to Trafaluc or as most people would recognise TRF. TRF is Zara’s bold, trendier and less tailored aesthetic line aimed at its younger audience. Aside from this line being very playful and youthful, it is also very affordable. With £70 to £80 pounds, you can create an entire outfit from the Trafaluc collection.

Any followers of my work both blog and other social platforms would know my unchanging love for Zara. As far as a high street fashion brand goes, they never disappointment with their designs. Nevertheless, they are not the most affordable high street brand, hence the reason trafaluc (trf) is essential.

What is included in this line you may ask, well everything! Trafaluc includes bags starting from only £17.99, shoes, knitwear, jeans and more. Tops/blouses from this line starts from about £15.99, which if you are familiar with Zara’s prices you would also agree this is a bargain. This line is Zara without the over formalities. 

I also specially like how Zara had managed to create designs with its tailored aesthetic from a playful approach. Everything about this line excites me that I find myself shopping completely from there most times I go into Zara. The use of DIY such as recycled styled denims, bold colours, text and more are just some of my favourites features. Sheer dresses and tops, embroidery and slogans, prints and flowers and poker dots designs like my dress and more.

So next time you visit Zara and find yourself running low before you can get all you need, try including things from trafaluc too. By doing this you will find that your money would stretch longer and wider especially if you are a blogger. Again it’s more about how you style things not what they cost, although I believe this lines is full of beautiful designs still.

On the topic of saving you guys money, check out my last youtube upload. Finally got to upload my Hygiene and products to help you stay fresh/clean video. Saving money is important even if you are rich because nothing last forever. I will endeavour to bring you guys more money saving tips and ideas. Let me know if you have any specific areas you guys would like me to cover first on this topic in the comment section below.

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