Work Life Balance Struggles, Social Media with Mango + River Island Outfit

Hey guys… I took a little break off Social media and work just because why not. Honestly partially think am still recovering from what I do not not. Its actually just been one of those situation where you just feel completely defeated without any solid reason. Before, I would feel so guilty for not feeling motivated but not anymore. 

Allowing myself days off when my well being demands it is something I learnt to do the hard way. Constantly pursuing and going after things was me previous work and life attitude. Which was very bad because I never allowed myself a break or time to stand back and reflect. Now, not only am I able to reflect on what I am doing /did, I am also able to access where I am heading. 

This attitude created a better work /life balance for me, I also know that I don’t need to justify taking a break. Especially realising that I am better prepared for whatsoever pressure I would encounter again in life. Social media might not sound like work, but when it covers over 50 percent of what you do then it also becomes a chore.

As a blogger, Youtuber, stylist, model and emerging fashion designer, I depend a great deal on social media. Hence you see why social media can’t just be a pleasure source for me without all the pressures of perfection. I want to just randomly post what ever I like like most people but know better. My Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more are my portfolio that have to be very well presented at all times. To pull myself from it all I take periodical breaks from posting on social media too. 

Lastly, I throw on a Chic bright outfit of the day to try and capture what my day entails. If am being completely honest, I am secluded and busier than this. Even messier as I have a very tiny work space that needs to move around for every shoot. Anyway with this look still , I wanted to give a glimpse into my life in pictures wearing everything from mango except my shoes. They are from River Island, Totally fall in-love with the print / colour combo. 

Hope you all having a great week so far, weekend is near again, hang in there and do not forget to catch a break too.

Love Promise x



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Bow Linen Blouse by Mango || Flowy Palazzo Trouser  by Mango|| Blue Flora Block Heels by River Island || Leather Clutch by Mango 

Photos by Amanda-Jayne Easmon

Insta: amanda_says_gracias |Email: |Facebook: Amanda-Jayne Easmon

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  1. Aah I am in love with this outfit, especially those trousers. They are beautiful! And social media can be so exhausting sometime, I definitely need to take breaks every now and then. I like to try and take Sundays off for the most part, and then every few weeks I take a couple of days away from it

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  2. These trousers are everything! The paperbag waist, the wide legs, the colour – perfection! I also agree with you on needing some ‘you’ days. It’s not everyday goaldigging. As you said, sometimes you need to step back and get your mind right so you can give 110% when you do get back to work.

    Martha xo
    Martha Dahhling

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