Why Pink is my New Red for Valentine Date Outfit

Choosing where to get your valentine date outfit or what to wear can prove to be a challenge especially if you are busy or hate shopping. The first colour that comes to mind for this occasion is often Red because nothing says valentine more than that perfect red dress that screams hot, passionate and ready. Well I say thats’ outdated and too cliche! Besides why risk being at your date with the chances of someone else wearing the same exact dress as yourself, or colour or even style for that matter?

You can call me a snob for this but I really like to stand out from the crowd and for my valentine  top date outfit ideas I have decided to go against the norms of sexy, erotic looking dresses in favour for some chic, sassy, current, sexy  & fashionable styles & pieces.

The Chances of 10 people pairing a skirt the exact same way as you or coordinating a pair of trousers the same way you do is very unlikely; which is why personally, I believe individual pieces are key to staying unique whilst also having the flexibility to showcase your styling skills. Comfort and consideration of the weather is also something I had in mind putting this looks together.  I live in London where its always cold or  raining or both. Hence to be shivering on a date night  because you choose a valentine date outfit that is too thin ( like most dresses ) is not a cute look. 

The aim is to still charm the socks off your other half or date, giving them something to look forward to at the end of the night. This is where this Plunge Neck Bodysuit I have paired with my Slinky wide leg trousers ( both from Missguided ) comes in. One way to to stay modest yet sexy is to ensure you not showing all at the same time, hence the reason I kept everything modest from the waist down.

Why pink as my valentine date outfit? because am currently obsessing over the way blush pink looks and feels on me. Besides these pieces and colour make a perfect dream team for turning a few heads on a date. If you would like some slaying makeup inspiration to go with this look, then Click here for my valentine makeup video tutorial. Also check out my fashion haul Video for even more amazing individual pieces to inspire your valentine date outfit! 

Love Promise x




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Missguided – Nude Bodysuit || Pink Slinky Wide Leg Trouser s || Pom Pom Heels ||

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