Weekend Outfit of the Day, March Achievements and April Goals

Todays’ weekend outfit of the day is taken from my current anti-spring lookbook now up on youtube. I honestly have been meaning to post up more looks but also had other things to catch up on too. The wind was definitely doing the most on the set of this shoot. I could not get my hair to seat right even for a brief second! A few Marilyn Monroe moments even but was all good still.

Even with all the natural disaster (lol yes dramatic I know), this is still one of my favourites looks. Edge, sleek, daring, ( thanks to the wind ) with a touch of individuality. As a true fan of harness, I am constantly looking for new ways to show them off. Putting them over a dress or T.Shirt dresses like this one from Zara is something I totally approve of. This inclusion takes a t.shirt dress from basic to bada** in one punch.

To further enhance todays’ weekend outfit, I decided to favour some plain black socks rather than boot. Socks are often underrated which I think is not fair at all on them. They can also be more than basic necessary essential items in our wardrobes. Like how I created the illusion of an over the kneel boot using a simple pair of sock. They have always been one of my go to fashion items when I want to add a little twist here and there to a look. To recreate, ensure you are using same colour shoes as your socks.

Outside from talking about my weekend outfit today, I also wanted to talk about last month. This years’ March rocked, I didn’t really have any expectations as such. Business wise, I learnt a lot about myself and my brand, managements and future prospects. Personally, I have been in a great space mentally and physically, enjoying my own pace and personal growths. To be honest, there is nothing I would have changes because the month came with its own magics.

April on the other hand have also been going great too so far; however, I find myself setting a lot of goals. Photography and Videography equipments such as cameras, microphones and more are my new focus. In life, I believe in working with what you have but I also believe in growth and advancement. Therefore I am not entirely surprised at my desire for some new gadgets to work with.

On the plus side, I would happily get them if I had the money because they would become an investment. I would rather what I can exchange for money if need be than a pair of purse or shoes. This is just my personal view point, you are free to buy all the shoes and bags your desire!

For details and link to this weeks’ weekend outfit, scroll down. I am attending my first ever bloggers event this week, so looking forward to sharing the experience with you all. Also would be sharing my late weekend birthday get away trip experience too. Speak to you guys soon and have a fab weekend!

Love Promise x


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T. Shirt Drees: Zara || Socks: H & M || Bag: Stradivarius || Shoes: Missguided || Harness Belt: Stradivarius

Photos by Amanda-Jayne Easmon

Insta: amanda_says_gracias

Email: aj_easmon@outlook.com

Facebook: Amanda-Jayne Easmon

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