Wedding Guest or Snapchat Mess?

Welcome back guys….I love snapchat but mostly have my moments with it, some days I don’t snap anything while other days I simply won’t stop going on and on about what am upto on snap! When am supper excited I snap alot; it was simply the cause at the wedding……oh by the way my user name is p-princess1, add me up lets’ be snapbuddies! I actually intended to Vblog at the wedding but changed my mind last minute, I didn’t want anything holding me back from having an honest good time; so when Mary asked about my outfit to the wedding I had to go dig out the images I saved to my Iphone ( thanks snapchat for the super fun filters ) so please forgive the poor picture quality. 

To compensate,  I decided to share more than just what I had on: me &  friends acting a fool at the photo booth, the decoration of the location & more about the day. I honestly believe I was a total nuisance having way too much fun on snapchat than I was a prefect wedding guest but I will let you guys be the judge of that…but honestly I don’t mind as I love good vibes & was with my families from another mother, so whats’ there to Regret!

However, If anyone would like to see the jumpsuit I had on in more details then you are in luck! I will attached a Video Link for this super cute outfit & more from my Zara Haul Vblog! The jumpsuit suit could not have come at a better time because  I was not sure I would b e able to attend the wedding at first & had nothing planned out to wear but once  I decided it simply had to be this Jumpsuit, no alternative needed.

That’s it for today guys & don’t hesitate to leave your comments & questions below if you have any as I love hearing from you all…..wishing you all an exciting week ahead! 


IMG_5368 IMG_5320 IMG_5360 IMG_5353 IMG_5300 IMG_5364 IMG_5299 IMG_5372 IMG_5348 IMG_5305 IMG_5350 IMG_5398 IMG_5369

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