Valentine’s Day Tip for Singles

   Hey guys, todays post is tip for singles this valentines day, after all its a celebrations of love which should included Self love, friendships, achievements we’ve loved accomplishing, our homes, parents and more. There are lots of things we should appreciate and love in life aside partners or relationships if we have the right mindset. Hence the reason my first tip would be appreciating those who have truly made a different in our day to day life. Pets, friends, parent? whatever it is that makes the littlest difference is worth showering some love too.

My second tip for singles would be choosing to spend time with those important to you instead of going on some compromising date. If you have a close friend or parent who would also be alone this valentine’s day, organising to do something with them. Going to the movies, shopping, going to a bar, bowling or even deciding to stay in and grab dinner is also a great idea and something I personally enjoy a lot myself. Should you decide to din in and cook, check out my last minute budget stake and roast dinner idea post here

My third and final tip for singles would be to not forget that its all a hype for companies to make some extra cash using love and relationship as an excuse this time. Its not worth depressing yourself over, thus if you do not wish to celebrate it at all, then don’t! Go to the shops, pick up your favourite drink, come home and relax doing whatever you usually would do. Morever, it will all be over before you know it. 

On to lighter topics, I am totally feeling my lacy layer and colours combination today. I wanted a tule skirt for this look, however not finding any that fitted what I have in mind forced me to check my wardrobe where I found this forgotten treasure. I brought this lacy bridal style dress from Aliexpress a few summers ago but never got around to wearing it much. Glad I kept it as I am so back in love with its again, laying it under my jumper dress is just one of  the many ways I would be exploring it this season. If you have not yet seen my recent lookbook , click here for direct link and more outfit of the day and night ideas . 

Love Promise x


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Lacy Boho Chic white Dress: Aleixpress  || Choker neck slouchy mini dress: Missguided  
Tan Belt: H & M  || Accessories: Missguided

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