Two Pieces, Tees and Red

I am usually not a fan of formal clothing style except on men, I mean we can all agree that there is just something all so fine about a man looking all so serious in some fine tailored pair of suit but I just don’t get the same excitement when I see women spotting this look mostly. They just look so overly serious and too business like so I decided to experiment with softening this look…Classic 2 piece suits  by nature are very masculine and serious so my tip for softening you appearance is simple, add some femininity to your work wardrobes, including colours like red, orange or purple, am not very much into pink but do feel free to add if it works for you. Also swap the very formal button up Shirts for T.shirts and Blouse and lastly use you accessories to portray your softer side …:) 

Blazer & Trouser Set: Zara // Shoes Misguided // Bag: Dents // Stole: Top Shop// T. Shirt: Celine Paris

Photos Mikaela Cordery  ( www.mikaelacordery.format,com )

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