Tips on How to Get Affordable MakeUp Products To Slay

A few months ago I made a quick Video on how & where I get my makeup products ( yes favourite popular brands too ) at very decent prices because lets face it there are so many things we Ladies & Gentleman need in other to bake, cook & slay our face all day & they simply not Cheap!..The lists of products are endless & if i’m being totally honest I hesitated a lot on including beauty & makeup on my channel & blog because of the cost….but fear no more, I have overcome this & so can you guys too! 

Tip 1. Research!.. Like I can not stress enough how important this is in order to save you lots of money! Do not just buy products without actually researching on them as you might just end up wasting money on items that you don’t need or worst off don’t work with your needs ie Skin type, colour etc

Tip 2. After you have decided on what products you would like to get, it’s time to go try out the samples! Lots of makeup brands have samples that can be sent via post or better still in store workshops! By doing this you actually get to see first hand if this product is as good as you’ve hoped;  somethings you might realise that you actually don’t like it anymore or might find a different option, my advice is to  wear your sample all day long if possible before actually making a purchase.

Tip 3. Before actually making a purchase, Compare other sites such as Amazon, Ebay, fragrancedirect etc. Why?? because you often find the same items at very decent prices, often almost half of the original price so why waste money??? Do be patient & do your research probably though as you want to get the same original authentic products & not a fake replica, my Advice read lots of reviews!

Tip 4. Be realistic! Yes you trying to get these products at very decent prices & save yourself as much money as possible however, if it looks too good to be true, It probably is!… i.e if the original price of a product is £48.99 & you find a seller for £9.78, well I won’t be buying from that Seller! Too many red flags for me ….So yes research seller too or read website reviews if you have to.   

Tip 5. Buy What You Actually Need! Yes our Favourite Youtubers & Bloggers would have a more than impressive enviable collection of Various makeup products but do remember that yes they buy some but its also given to them by brands…They are pros for a reason after all! You don’t need lots & lots of makeup products except you actually going to use them all…Remember also that a product being hyped by everyone today won’t last for very long as new items come out Very often!

And there you have it guys..I will also be insert the link of the Video below so you guys can see what items I have gotten myself using these tips & more mentioned on the Video…Hope this helped, If it did please do give it a big thumbs up, if you have any seggestions or comments I would love to hear them all & Lastly don’t Forget to Subscribe!

LOve Promise x

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