About Last Night at Shoreditch Town Hall Why the Play Killer is a Must See!

Killer is a play written by Philip Ridley, Directly by Jamie Lloyd and acted by John Macmillan. Thanks to i.hypeapp.co I got to review the play, not knowing what to expect made it ten times better. It is like nothing you could ever imagine; well written, directed and executed.

Killer is a collection of monologues written by Philip and told over individual headphones. Using binauary Sounds, the director and cast make a magnificent job of playing with your pysche. It is not for the faint hearted, its also nothing like you have ever experienced. Even the Characters were unique and unexpected. Each monologue as compelling as the previous and the next. 

Still Currently showing at Shoreditch Town hall till The 8th of April, I wanted you guys to definitely see it before it ends. I can try to explaining what to expect, but honestly its all in the sound, scene and mood. An individual experience that lasts with the audience for a long time.

 Despite the fear factor, it was engaging, never a moment to be bored and left me wanting more. I am always up for unique experiences and killer is as unique as they come. My friend Osasmudiame  came with me, she is often scared but she also could not deny herself the thrill of it all. Killer is more than the fear factor, it is the use of everything usually unstated.

Killer play with your psyche while also pushing your  imaginations to the extreme. Challenging you to dare guess whats’ to come or happen next. Its also invades your personal space, creating illusion of false exposure. Using darkness, light and sound, your senses are awaken. 

Performed entirely by one character in series of dark basement rooms, the sensations is just second to non. The prices are really avoidable too, plus it makes a great thrilling date night idea. Their is also a bar in shoreditch town hall where Killer is showing. However Shoreditch and the surrounding area is busting with fine dinners, bars and pubs. So what to do before or after seeing the play won’t be a problem.

Love Promise x 



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