The Pressure of Attempting To Slay in 5 Minutes

Hey Guys another beauty post today that I am super excited to Share with you all…Do not be Deceived by my  images as I Definitely Did not Achieve this look in 5 Minutes…Lol I mean if only that was the case right! Not only did I do the 5 Minutes makeup Challenge, I somehow allowed my friend to convince me to do the No Brush Makeup Challenge Together with it too! Its was one of the most nerve racking things ever…literally things started flying through my head…It’s so crazy how if there is no time limit, we achieve so much within a short space of time but once we feel the slightest pressure, we Struggle! Anyway I will let you guys watch the Vidoe & Let me Know How you Feel I have Done…Lol Try not to be too harsh on my fragile Heart!

Love Promise

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