Yes Blogging is a Real Job! 9 Tranferrable Skills I learnt From Being a Blogger

Primarily, I am a Blogger & Youtuber. I am proud to be one because its something I genuinely enjoy doing. Even though I am not as immensely successful as some big bloggers out there yet, I still enjoy doing it. It is not less of a professional job, like most snobs would rather believe. Usually […]

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How I keep up with the Frustrating Demands of Fast Paced Fashion as a Blogger

Fast paced fashion is a problem and a curse depending on each persons’ point of view. While fashion retailers make a huge economic contributions to the society, the ethical conditions of production will also be an issue for debates. As a blogger, its is my job to keep up with trends and alert my audience […]

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Primark low budget Lingeries plus how Lingeries can boost your self confidence

Not to say that I would ever choose Lingeries over Diamonds, but they comes pretty close for me. There are lots of reasons I love lingeries, they make me happy when I am down. I found that personally, I would worry about my underwear before I would my outer clothes. You see I believe the inside […]

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