My Sunday Expectation Versus Reality Weekend Rush

Hi lovelies, to most Sunday is the best time for relaxing and recuperating ahead of a new week. Staying in bed for as long as possible, wearing pjs all day and eating. As you don’t know what the new week would bring, you need to soak up all the rest you can get. I however, do not get to experience this as often as I would Like. When it comes to collaborative projects, they often happen on weekends. Moreover, most people have a 9 to 5 jobs that keeps them from being able to do anything else in the week. So my weekends are often the busiest, not the best situation but I can only be grateful for the opportunities.

My one regret with this, would be not having  enough time to spend with those around me. Instead of cuddling in bed all day long and chatting away, I am constantly on the go. The train services in London also happens to be the worst on a Sunday. Disruptions, train works, bus replacement services and more just making traveling on Sundays ridiculously unpleasant as I do not drive. Worst of all, I would do it all over again the next week because I love what I do!

Todays’ outfit of the day is a typical Sunday’s best OOTD; Dress, heels and bag. I feel like nothing says Sunday better than a decent dress or maybe its just my upbringing in a christian home. You woke up and knew it was all about what to wear to church and food. Africans, or should I say as a Nigerian, Sundays are single handedly the most important day of the week. Everyone get to wears their best and most colourful garments. Just typing this bring back so many fond memories of my childhood of Sundays’ spent back home.

Meanwhile, I sincerely hope you guys enjoy your day today, get as much rest as possible and do not forget to keep all stressing on hold till Monday morning. Am off to catch the next possible train for my shoot today. I am collaborating to do a hair video with a makeup and hair stylist I really admire and can’t wait to share with you all soon. I also uploaded quite a few video this week on my youtube channel too. One hair video and a makeup Unboxing Haul video. Please do check them out and have a fabulous end to you weekend.

Love Promise x


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Dress: Zara | Shoes: Head Over Heels By Dune | Jumper: Matalan ( Similar )   

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