How to Own your Personal style & Can Personal Style be Purchased?

Hey beauties, so today I wanted to speak about personal styles, how to consistently & successfully create your very own signature looks & how much role Resources play in how will dress!

All celebrated fashion icons, idols or characters have something that pulls them apart from others, Marilyn Monroe with her signature Red Lips & Blond short Hair, Anna Wintour with her bob & Oversized dark glasses & off cause Rihanna with her Tom boy sexy effortless daring approach to both life & fashion but how do we as regular people obtain this too?

Personally,I dress according to my mood, occasion & Resources; Now let’s talk Resources because this plays a great part in how we look; not to say there aren’t people who even with financial liberty still don’t posses any personal style but there are also people whose personal Style or taste are beyond their financial reach, hence hindering their creativity to a certain level….This raises the question of is Style something that can be purchased? I say Yes it most definitely Is to an extent! (personal opinion) because if I go to the shop find something I like & really want but can’t afford it I can’t get it! No matter how creative I might be, if I can’t Visually express it, you guys can’t see It! Hence what you might associate as my personal Style might only be a compromise of what it really could have been. This have been a personal experience off mine as a blogger/stylist & am guessing i’m probably not alone.

As for celebrities whether they pay an amazing creative personal stylist or just can simply afford to get whatever they want from the shops, they are still paying for their style or freedom to express their style to an extent… I am not saying this is a bad thing necessarily, instead am simply pointing out that there are many amazing creative people who because of Resources are Hindered, hence not showing off their ability to its fullness like myself.

Confidence, Character & mood are other things that can also enhance one’s appearance, some people have the ability to make a bin bag look like it’s worth millions while others just simply can’t Pull it off! Lastly If I feel down I will wear something to convey this somehow; this meant be shown in the lack of care with which I selected my pieces or simply the omission of things like makeup or accessories.

Whatever the case however, We can still create our very own personal style even with limited resources or time…Personally if I can’t afford it, I make it! this is why I love DIY so much..others Tips to creating your own style includes; 1) know what suits you & not buys just because everyone is wearing them! ask yourself honestly if you like the item & how you intend to wear it before paying for them!…This way you are refining your style as well as also saving yourself from shopaholic syndrome!

2), Discover pieces that works for you, your body type/shape, your prefered items/style like hats, accessories, hairstyles or colour because implementing them into your everyday look is what forms your signature style…If you like Curly hair, wear them often in different lengths, styles & Colours! 3), wear your clothes with confidence! even if you realised too late you choose the wrong shoes it won’t make any difference as long as you wear them with confidence & with your head held High! & Lastly if yours a Broky like myself…lol it time to learn some DIY Skills girl because despite being unable to afford all that our wardrobe eyes desires, if you can make it yourself you will still feel fulfilled so give it a Go & keep your head up…And to get you Started I have a Easy Affordable 10 DIY Tips Video on my channel…my outfit today is also featured in this Video so Enjoy! …

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