Outgoing Yet Struggling with Anxiety? Not Alone – My Tips for Coping With Anxiety

When it comes to struggling with anxiety, people usually do not associate it with outgoing individuals. It almost seems like both can never align with each other. How can you assume I have no worries just because am outgoing? Surely stuffs like struggling with anxiety and depression is not exclusive only to introverts, right?

This misconception makes it even harder to ask for help for outgoing people like myself. People generally expect that I am always fine. It comes as a surprise to them when I open up about my struggles even to my closest and dearests too. No surprise that they often can’t help me either as they do not even know where to being. 
So I have learned to deal with it myself the best ways I possibly can. Also Got me thinking about the possibility of others struggling without being able to speak up either. We should not be left to our own devices just because we are experiencing something everyone else is allowed to.
The thought of being seen as weak, an attention seeker or worst almost stopped me from revealing my struggles with anxiety in my last video PostWhile I was generally happy to include the other 19  facts, I found myself reluctant with this rather invasive topic. I had to remind myself that they could be others who also needed to hear it from me. Because even being Bubbly, outspoken, outgoing and more, I am also only human. So here are my tips:
1. Speak to someone: yes they do not understand but this is more for you than them. I find the more I speak to them the more I realise what exactly is making me feel panicked. By telling one or two very trusted friends of mine, I find I  unlock my own worries at the same time. Remember the saying ” a Problem shared is a problem have solved”? well, same rules applies.
2. They don’t understand, ok deal with it. Learn the hard way that you would have to just deal with it all by yourself sometimes. Stop wasting time crying over the fact that no one else understands. Instead channel your energy on You! After all, it is about how you are feeling at that very moment, day or week. Indulge in your feelings for you!
3. Stop feeling bad about it. I mean I did not ask to feel the way I do. Not like I woke up deciding alright today I want to struggle with anxiety. So if those around you do not understand your need for privacy every now and then? their problem, not yours. Do not add guilt to your struggles. You need time off, take it without feeling like you owe anyone a smile or two. 
4. Do things that make you feel productive and active. This I find is the hardest as for me anxiety usually comes with depression and lack of motivation. However, if you are able to drag yourself out of bed and do something, the feeling of accomplishments would soon start prevailing over your anxiety. Also forming a pattern and routine can help take your mind off things too.
5. And Lastly, visit a professional if you find yourself really struggling. No shame in seeking for help or allowing your vulnerable side to show. We all are struggling with something so yours is not exclusive. The quicker you go get the help you need, the better you soon hopefully feel. Remember, your health comes first always! 
These are my personal tips I find works best for me. In no way am I claiming to be a professional on this topic. Let’s help each other out, comment some more tips down below if you have any suggestions that could help someone too!
Love Promise x


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