How to: Staying Content in a Demanding Society

Hey guys, hope your weekend was all you’d hoped for? today’s post is about being content. Achievements is the only thing most people cares about today, not effort or investments. Its all about relationship, life, job, cars or home goals. People are choosing to pretend to believe that its easy as long as you have this, that and they. Which would only be damaging to once health as material things don’t always amount to happiness.

While having goals can be a useful forms of self motivation for some, its can also be quite damaging to others. With a false sense of what achievements really is, most people end up never truly being content. Its is hard to see pass all the things you think you need in life without realising they are just wants.

Personally, I believe we can only be honestly happy if we are content. However, our fast pace and over commercialised society does not allow such luxuries illusions. As frustrating as it may be, we still all have to get through life somehow. Sometimes it seem those around me have its all figured out,  but thats their personal growth not mine.  I remind myself daily that they grew because they worked hard at growing. 

Individualism and realising that just trying is sometimes more than enough is how I stay content. I don’t have everything that I want but am lucky enough to have the things I need. Truthfully, no house was ever built in a day; no one really have it that easy just that we do not get to see the efforts and hardworks invested behind close doors.

Businesses, organisations and even suppose friends only cares about number. How many people liked your work, what and whom are you associated with and so forth. What should be a personal journey becomes a senseless competition for acceptance by strangers. This can kill any hope of accepting that we are enough or doing enough but if we stay content, we stay happy.

This is how I view being content and happy because to me, both goes hand in hand. I found I am never fully happy with what I create except when am content with how hard I worked on it. Being a blogger, stylist and youtuber, I am constantly in need of things. Their is also the damaging demand for perfection, I stay above this being content and appreciating when I have done enough.

Todays’ look is yet another outfit from my Lookbook which hopefully you’ve all seen by now. However if you haven’t, click Here to watch Video and do not forget to let me know what you thought of it. I fell heart first for this delicate rose embroidery blouse and decided to pair it with a denim. Both bag and blouse are from Stradivarius; my red heels from office is fast becoming a favourite of mine again. The jeans are from Bershka, throw on a simple blazer for an office OTTD .

Love Promise x



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