Hey Guys…You know those awkward dinner / business lunch or dinner dates that is always so hard to pick the right outfit for? yes those once well no worries I have made a list of things to consider to help make them slightly less daunting. Firs up is Location, consider your meeting spot, the area, mood, people as this will make deciding your outfit super easy. Another thing is to consider the activities, are you just having drinks, a meal, taking a walk or dancing even, Well not beats being prepared. Lastly, consider the person or people you are meeting up with, no am not saying to dress up like them just saying knowing them can be the key to complimenting their style….That’s all for now Chao!

Jumpsuit: Forever 21// Shoes: Public Desire// Accessories: Dorothy Perkins/ H&M //Clutch:Next // Watch: John Lewis  

Photos by Adelson Cadete

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