Rio Olympics Or Canival? You Decide…

Hello beautiful people… yes like my title says am clearly cut between what to name todays post for two simple reasons; but first things first though…New Video Now up on my Youtube Channel, ( bear with me guys as I am still trying to figure out How to link my website to my youtube channel cause it will make things alot more easier for everyone! Ok back to my dilema, although todays outfit is inspire by the Rio olympics and the New sporty girl trend, it also carnival weekend!

lots of the outfits that I will be posted then from today till Monday will be killing two birds with one stone, showing you guys how I personally styled the sporty chic trend along with some tips and tricks for some possible carnival outfit Ideas…Stay Tune as  I wouldn’t want you guys to miss any of it, however if you would like to get a head start and not wait on my post…Well then you cheeky thing ain’t you in luck?? 

Head on to my youtube Channel or just follow the link on this post to see all the looks!!! While you are there, do not forget to Subscribe and Remember all my Outfit Details and Links to obtain them are all included on the info section of the video too!

Love Promise

Photos by Kate Dyomina

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