When is it Ever Ok to Use a Racial Slur on Anyone? Personally, I think Never

I never thought I would be addressing the issue of racial slur in 2017. I am not ignorant to think that people aren’t still using it especially in the  Hip-Hop industry. Being called the N word recently gave me my much needed boost to start my story time on youtube. To fully understand todays’ topic, click Video link.

In a nutshell, I got called a N**ga by my Friends’ boyfriends friend. Would make so much sense after you’ve seen the Video. Yes he was drunk at the time, but that is still not an excuse. Drunk, sober, woke or sleepy etc, it’s still acceptable. To think otherwise would be to make stupid excuses for their stupid choice of words.

Also would like to further stress the points I stated in the video. Under no circumstance should anyone deem it right to use a racial slur on anyone, ever. Especially for non Blacks. Aside from being appal that this individual did use the word straight to my face, I was even more upset to see him try to justify his actions.

His point was, I didn’t call you a N**ga, but instead said that everyone is reacting like I called you a N**ga. You do not get to use a racial slur to defend yourself when being reprimanded by others. Non is it an acceptable choice of words when angry, upset or in an argument. It should not be a fall back word for when you find yourself in the losing corner. 

Now moving on to my favourite part of the argument, ” but black people call themselves N**ga all the time”. Well hello sunshine, that is their problem, all issues regarding the word involves them. As such, they can choice to decided what to do with it. Should one or more of your black friends tell you that they are ok with you using the N word, restrain your use for when only in their company. 

Lastly, he argued that ” it is just a word “. Hence I or other black people alike should not allow ourselves to be controlled by it. To this I say is it Really? Did he really say that to me when forced in a corner because it was just a word. Or simply because he wanted to provoke a negative reaction from me. If it really is just a word, he should not have any issue not using it in the first place.

Should you choose to fall back on an historical condensing and derogatory word to win an argument, then you know exactly what you are doing. Having black friends does not give you an automatic immunity! Black, white or others, you can still make your points without using any racial slurs.

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