Pure Clay Mask by L’Oreal Paris Beauty Review

Till now, I didn’t understand the whole hype with Clay Masks. Neither the face or hair, it just seems like too much of an intense process to go through. I can not deny that I have heard a lot of great reviews so I thought it was about time I found out for myself too

The L’oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask Pots appealed to me because it takes off the hard work of me having to mix and fix. Should the hair mask come already mixed too, I sure will be the first in line to review them also. Also, they smell so beautiful! almost like something edible. 

Before I say my verdict on them, I would like to try and example the sensation as much as possible. The formula is a nice mixture; not too light non-harsh on the skin. Which is probably why I was surprised at first when I felt a tingling sensation. It was nothing intense though, just a feeling that something was actually happening to my face.

It did take a bit longer than I expected to dry, unlike most quick dry facial mask I have tried before now. I felt all my skin tightening while it took its time drying. Lastly, it was super easy to rinse off, nothing left behind. I once almost had tears running down my cheeks attempting to remove a face mask. Not an experience I would like to repeat.

Would I recommend it? definitely, my skin felt really rejuvenated. Making me curious about the others like the charcoal mask and more. As for value for money, you could get at least 7 uses out of a pot if you knew what you were doing. Not bad for £7.99 as most sachet mask packages last for just one use and cost  around £3.99. So overall, its gets at least 4.9* from me. 

Love Promise x 


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