Psychological or are Mens Clothes really more Comfortable…

 I shop in menswear, womenwear and even Kids! yes yes I know the kids bit sounds absurd but trust me if you are a skinny petite person like myself, then you would understand the real struggle in finding items that you like in your size. Luckily for us though, teenagers have same style items with most adults these days like Jeans & Shoes for example. 

Somehow though, mens things just feels much more super comfortable than women; even their perfumes smell so much better most times! Honestly, I get the feeling that it might be more psychological then it is true…Like the part of me that is naturally attracted to guys have somehow subconsciously convince myself that their items are more homely.

For me, It ultimately comes down to the feeling of comfort that come with them being bigger and freer. I find I get a sense of security when I have on a loose oversized jumper for example, not having a care in the world if it fits right or not! This is also why I buy Oversize clothing even when shopping in ladies wear, so to be fair, it more the realisation of having on a guys clothing that most women like myself find appealing and comforting.  

Yes I do wear most styles from time to time  like going for a New Urban Chic look to Sporty Urban girl with some sweats & Baseball hat, or deciding to be a Glam Chic, wearing tight fitted dress or garments with heels. This is just my personality as a stylist & blogger;  also my mood gets to play a huge part in what I wear on a given day or occasion. With all this said though, I love Urban trend & Rihanna definitely is my style muse! 

So here is Two ways I styled a Mens Jumper I got from Blue Inc, I honestly don’t know if this brand is international or just based in the UK however am sure you guys can easily find simply item from most mens clothing store that look just like this…Let me know which look is you guys’ favorite, will it be 1 or 2????…do  comment below x

IMG_61941)  Jumper: Blue Inc // Shoes: Ebay// Hat: Missguided // Backpack: Asos (Men)

IMG_6191 IMG_6180

2) Shorts: H & M // Shoes: Missguided 

IMG_6185 IMG_6179

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