The £20 Primark Denim Distress Jacket You Must Get While Stock Still Last!

Happy New week guys, I am going to be talking about this Primark Denim Distress Jacket that everyone is buying. Usually I won’t go for something so popular but honestly it just too good to miss out on. Finding the perfect jacket in general is already a chore. Now having something that combines all the best qualities? thats a rare occurrence, especially from primark. 

To be fair on them, they have been really improving their quality as well as style lately. This Denim Distress Jacket is a prove of their growth within the high street fashion world. The quality of the denim fabric itself is surprisingly good, especially considering it only stocked for £20. Mixed with their ability to clash modern distress trend with the nice dark blue denim of the 90s so well, I could not resist. The perfect Modern Vintage is what I like to call this jacket.

Funny stories about how I even came about the jacket in the first place. One of my younger sisters’ first found them at Primark, she thought she had succeeded to nip the last pair of size 6 left. Bless her soul as she had no idea it would become one of their seasons’ bestsellers. A Super versatile piece, you do not have to worry about looking like everyone else in them. I got mine in a size 10 because I wanted them loose and free.

Wth mine fitted loosely, I can layer them even in winter. As pieces like this are one off; it can become one of those things you would regret not getting even 5 years from now. You all know what they say, ” nothing haunts you more than the clothes you did not buy”. So ya go ahead and find a stupid excuse to treat yourself to it while its still last. Do not let £20 haunt you for forever! Wearing Head to Toe Primark except from my trainers which is by H & M by the way. 

Love Promise x



Photos by Amanda – Jayne Easmon

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