What people are wearing to London Fashion Week

London fashion week is really where the fun is this week and next as everyone that has even the tiniest interest in art, fashion, photography or journalism are out in full force. Traditionally, fashion and those in the fashion industry are regarded as snobs and too uptight. Luckily for us all, that’s all a thing of the past, the new wave of art and fashion prodigy are all about being cool. This is especially the case for London during fashion week, people put this down to its diversity and rich mix of cultures and that I fully agree with.

Hence London fashion week is one of my favourite events of the year; you don’t necessary have to see any shows for it to be worth a visit. The environment, opportunity to network with people in similar industry and the street styles are the reasons I attend. London Fashion week or any other fashion week in general also provides you with amazing content and research materials. I get to see what people wear, what they intend to wear most season and how they coordinate their styles, as a blogger this is golden. 

So what are people wearing this season? in true London style, Everything. Tailored, Neon colours, double denim, sequins, layers and lots more. Its is creativity at its finest; everywhere I looked I found something unique, individual and fresh. Its almost seem like everyone was aiming to outdo themselves but in a very relaxed and healthy way. My only regrets was not being able to get more images of all the cool styles I came across. Still below are some favourites I got the chance to capture, let me know in the comment section which look you personal perfer and why.

Love Promise x  


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