NYX Lingerie Lipstick Colours To Try with Honest Formula Review

Happy Sunday lovelies, I ordered some NYX Lingerie Lipstick and decided to make an honest review on the formula, texture and more. This happens to be my first lipstick swatch video but I think I did alright. There are a few things I really liked and some thing I hated about the nyx lingerie lipstick. The collection is made up of a total of 12 different colours but below are my 4 favourite colours. 


The NYX lingerie lipsticks are a nude collection exploring different shades of nude. I felt they executed the colours very well. The pigments where rich and complimentary to my skin tone. I also love that they looked exactly how they appeared online, so no nasty surprises. Each lipstick colour was distinctively individual but not unique as a lot of brands also have similar shades.

  Beauty Mark


I found the formula quit light, to me it was a little too watery which was not such a good thing. I needed a second layer not because I did not get a full coverage with the first but because it ran over. Some areas also ended up too heavy with others not completely covered. Personally, I felt the nyx lingerie lipstick formula could have been a little thicker so that one layer was enough. 



This was something I really hated about this lipstick collection. The lipsticks smelt funny and they all had the same fragrance. I would have preferred a variety of fragrance to enhance and represent each individual shade. The only consolation was that after the lipstick dried, the smell subsides.


Final Verdict 

All in all, I think the NYX lingerie lipstick is value for money ( $7 or £5 on Ebay) although some things can be improved. It gets flaky after a while too. The pros however is the price and pigment. The shades are rich but they could dry a little quicker. With some amendments this would be a great collection.

Ruffle Trim

To watch me apply this lipsticks and hear my first impression click here. I hope to do more lipstick swatches in the future so leave any suggestions below. Do not forget to subscribe also if this is your first visit. Have a great week ahead…

Love Promise x

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