New Years’ Resolution?…..Well Not Anymore

Hey beauties I hope you all had a blast this christmas but now that its all over what’s Next Right? I can already see Gifs, Memes, Quotes & More going on about New Year New Me this & that…..its all become a Trend yet again;  we now know that at this time of the year we are Expected to start saying who we plan to befriend & Not befriend, what we plan to achieve and choices we intend to make, foods will plan to boycott, are we going to excise more, read more etc but aren’t we just Tying yourself in the Foots yet again? Why can’t we do this within ourselves without shouting it out Loud? after all its our own personal life plans right?  Lastly, why should I plan for the New Year when I do not know Whats in Stock?

I used to drive myself crazy with this whole New Year Resolution Drama till I realise that it only becomes a weakness & blinds me from seeing other amazing things I do achieve in the year that did not make my List. The way I see it, by making them I have already structured my year, adamantly & blinding chasing what’s on there without allowing space for other endeavours or growth to take place…. so yes if am lucky, I might achieve them all but what about the other opportunities I was too blinded to see?  

Also, without realising we start undermining our other achievements simply because they were not part of the plan, which just creates unnecessary pressure & stress, we might even start feeling like failures when our family & friends starts reminding us of our to do list! Like do we really need to live the year that way?  For this reasons I really do not take part in this trend anymore, Instead I focus on mentally preparing my mind to handle what the year might throw at me good or bad but hopefully good! If this works for you, by all means please do continue with the practise, for me however I like to see whats on the table, weight up my options before making my decisions…By the way you still have the chance to Win one of my Gift Sets…To Enter pls click this for T&Cs..Winners will be announce on the 31st on my IG.

Love Promise X

New Year  New Year

New Year
New Year
New Year

New Year

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