New Look All Black Good Friday Outfit Plus Why I Can not Wait for Easter To be Over!

Hey guys welcome back and happy good Friday, I hope you all like my good Friday Outfit today. Not a very modest piece considering the occasion but this would have to do for now. I am so over it all already and its only just began. Do not get me wrong, I love to celebrate and be happy. However its feels like that’s all I have been doing all year!

I really do not know if am alone in my feelings, but Christmas, valentine, and even pancake day just felts like only yesterday. As lovely as it all sounds, I am not very much a fan of spending every penny I gather on gifts. My all black good Friday outfit is by no means a protest to Easter or any other celebratory events for that matter. Honestly did not even realise it was Easter till like 2 says ago!

And before you start asking me if I did not see all the Easter bunnies at the stores and what not. Well they did not catch my eyes either, lol I guess am really not in a celebratory mood. Actually, maybe if they spread out more evenly through-out the year, then I might not mind itso much. Basically not done any food shopping or anything else for that matter, totally feeling overwhelmed by it all. 

Ok now that the venting is over and done with, pheww we thank God, lets talk fashion. To be honest, this was not the outfit I was going to post up today. While editing my lookbook video (which is now up by the way), I had a look I desperately wanted to share first. Seeing that I realise it is good Friday today, it didn’t seem fit for a good Friday outfit. 

Today’s look is causal. All black, All covered and all chic. I do not know if you guys remembered me saying that I wanted to shop at different places. Well New look is one of the store that I have decided to visit more often. Really did not know why I didn’t notice most of their chic pieces before now. The few times I visited I often left as soon as I got in but not this time.

I decided on this very versatile mesh top which I paired with a moms style cut trousers and boots. The boots where on sales so they only cost me £13, bargain or what?. To know that my laziness almost stopped me from visiting their top floor! Additionally, they are super comfortable too, I literally haven’t stopped wearing them ever since I bought them. 

Thats all for today guys, I really hope you all are having a more pleasant and blissful Easter experience to mine. Maybe when I get back in I might get into the festive or celebratory vibe, and to know I grew up adoring this events before! Growth and time is an amazing thing. Anyway have a blast on my behave and do not forget to check out my new lookbook here

Love Promise x

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Trousers: New Look || Bag: Zara || Boots: New Look || Bralet: H&M || Top: New Look

Photos by Amanda-Jayne Easmon

Insta: amanda_says_gracias |Email: |Facebook: Amanda-Jayne Easmon

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