Japanese Food, Drinks and Music at Brilliant Corners Dalston

Welcome back guys, was at Brilliant Corners, Dalston last night for the first time. As it is a part of my summer quest to find hidden germs in London, here is my review on them.

First of, I love food, second of, I love food and thirdly, I love me a good sushi! Hence once I was told Brilliant Corners had a cool sushi selections with good music, I had to go there.

I even got to try Octopus for the first time ever! yay me right…. Not sure how I felt about them yet but will decide after a few more attempts. First thing I notice on arriving at the restaurant was how intimate it was. Dalston is not my usual vibe even though its a hippy spot. Except if invited, I would not know where to start within the area.

They had options to sit outside ( which is especially useful for smokers ) and inside too. Brilliant Corners is also known for having one of the best sound system for music. They host regular music concerts and events; they have quite a huge list of performance lined up soon. Whatever your preferred genre, you would find the music amicable to the ears. It  also works really with the flow of the entire restaurant.

The service was quick and accurate; we ordered and in minutes our food and drinks were right in front of us. Sushi, Octopus and Tofu Soup where mainly what we had. We also ordered a bottle of pink wine and I had two servings of their prosecco & peach cocktail. My prosecco & peach tasted  more like prosecco and Lime, but after a few minutes, the peach within starts to find its way out too.

They get 4.9*  from me for food quality and taste! From the time it took the waiters to take our orders to the simple but effective presentation. The freshness of the food and ingredients was not lost either. The food looked and tasted amazing, I and my friends had no complains what so ever. I heard through the grapevines that if you have natural wines, you would have no hangovers the morning after. Brilliant Corners serve natural wines, and since I woke up fine, I am guessing that is true.

At first, being at a crowded bar with tight corners almost did not sit well with me. However, after settling in, I was glad I went in. The crowd was simply there to have a chilled time like myself, thus everyone was pleasantly doing their own thing. Would I go there again? Definitely yes and would I recommend it to anyone else? Absolutely 100 Percent!

Its a fine place for a date or to relax after a few heavy days at the office. Need something to do this weekend? Then this might just be your spot! Enjoy

Love Promise x

Brilliant Corners

 470 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AE

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