Why I have been MIA on my Blog! Life Update Plus Outfit of the Day Today

First off, I know I owe you all an apology before diving into my Outfit of the Day Today details. I have not been posting here because I am now working full time. Mostly working 6 out of 7 days each week, needless to say, time is tight. Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter have been the only social media platforms I have endeavored to keep updated. Please follow me on my other platforms if you not already for faster images and project updates.

Today I am wearing something from one of my most recent videos on youtube. After saying how much I would like to create a sporty lookbook, glad to report that I have finally. 9 looks in total, this simple but effective piece is just one of my many favorites. Under my Adidas jumper, I have on my boohoo bohemian-chic dress that I DIYed into. A split was the only thing the dress was missing before in my opinion. Big round earring and my Adidas trainers filled in the rest of the missing blank. 

Love Promise x

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