How I Style Petite and Tall From Missguided – Saturday Weekend Outfit of The Day

Another weekend here guys, hope the week have been ok? I shop in both Petite and Tall simply because I find Petite clothing alone too limited. Often the tall section have all the fun, I mean the options are limitless and much more exciting. Hence, I often find myself in the tall section; but sometimes I also glance through the petite range too.

Personally, I wish more shops would recreate their styles in petite ranges, but I understand you can’t always have it your way. For me though, I find myself in-between Petite and Tall. Petite are often to short, tight or small for me, while tall is too long and big for me. I have no other choice than to make both of them work for me somehow. 

One of the ways I achieve this is by pairing them together like I did here. While my Bardot Yellow Top is Petite, my Jean is from the Tall section. Another thing I also do is get various sizes, Top in size 8-10 and Jeans in size 6. When I say to people that I wear all sizes, they think I am often exaggerating. To find clothes that fits exactly how I have versioned them in my mind, I have to try them out in different sizes. The reason is simple; most clothes would fit you better in other sizes than yours base on their designs and your body shape.

To explain this further, I would describe my body shape a little. I have a broad shoulder, a decent ( big ) size boobs for a size 6-8 but a very small waist. I also have big arms; sounds crazy right? but that is my reality. To make this work, I often try to wear smaller tops; that way I minimise the big areas of my body. Vice Verser, To make my lower part appear as big as my upper part, I wear bigger bottoms. 

Knowing you body shape helps a lot too, most times I shop my bottoms from the tall range. This is because I also have a very high waist; buying petite skirts or trousers would not be high enough for my waist. Tall on the other hand would be; however,  I have to put up with the waist being too big. My excuse to investing on cute belts and other accessories!

Ultimately, try out each range from various stores to find the once that works best for you. With some shops, Petite and Tall come in decent sizes but it all come down to your body shape. I mean, even within petite body range alone, they are various different body types. You have skinny petites, big petite, big chest and so forth. This is why I always say to most people that to establish a personal style, you must be willing to try and fail to succeed.

Wishing you all a great weekend, this look is from a Lookbook I am working on. It showcases 20 different ways to wear denim! yes its a treat for all fashion lovers. I can not wait to share it; hopefully, it would be up by next weekend. But first do check out my last Lookbook  upload for more weekend outfit ideas.

Love Promise x 



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Petite Yellow Bardot Crop Top : Missguided || Earrings : H & M || Extreme Fray Hem Jeans : Missguided 

                                                                                                                                        Photos by Amanda-Jayne Easmon

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