Hooded Wednesday in my Confortable Sporty Set from Primark Menswear and Adidas

Last post I talked about tips for styling petite and tall ranges together, today is all about Primark Menswear. To be completely honest, I wear mens’ clothing from any shop as long as they are affordable. I mean, they are just so cute and comfortable with its own effortless vibe. 

This might not be the most idea work day outfit post for many; but if like me you work from home, then you are in luck. The pressure to be pretty as a blogger can be overwhelming sometimes, like not everyday be pretty! One of the many ways I pretend not to care ( you know like the no makeup ) is to wear loose clothing. The easiest way for me to achieve this is by visiting the mens line, generally they come extremely big for most girls. 

However, just as I was saying in my last post that I was working on a denim lookbook, I am also working on a 90s sporty lookbook too. I loved both the idea of a 90s and denim lookbook so much I could not resist doing both. Videos of both will be coming up soon; but for now, I shall be posting previews with full outfit reviews, inspirations and shops.

For this look, I went into the Primark Menswear section with only one main goal in mind. That was to look for something comfortable and free, a complete expression of the 90s/early 00s vibes that we all love. Sporty 90s are completely my favourite and have been one of the must recreated trends too of all time. From every “it girl” to A-list celebrities like Rihanna, this era is their go to when it comes to effortless sporty outfits.

But of course you can’t say 90s without adding a bucket hat right?  I often see them randomly everywhere until I needed one for this shoot. Guys believe me when I tell you they suddenly became extinct. Thank God for Topshop womens’ wear; after I had given up, I randomly stumbled upon them at Topshop last minute. I searched all over Primark Menswears’ line to no avail, I even tried the kids section too. I wanted one so badly, I was willing to get it even from the kids section!

Let  me know what you all think of the first look and also if you would like to see the rest soon. Personally, this is probably one of my favourite look because aside from the comfort, it shows off another side of mine. Free spirited, smug and simplicity. I was also able to express my little “tom girlish” side too thanks to this look. 

As always, let me leave you all for now with wishes for an amazing week.

Love Promise x

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Jumper – Primark (mens) | Bucket Hat – Topshop | Tracksuit Bottoms – Primark (mens) | Bag – Asos (men) | Shoes – H&M 

Photos by Amanda – Jayne Easmon

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