Hello December….Flirting with the Cold in Camouflage

       New Hair beauties what y’all think? Slayed or Nah? let me know & off cause happy 1st of December! I honestly can’t believe it’s literally the last month of 2016 yet I am struggling to remember what I did in January this year its crazy! I have made so many plans & have experience so much in this one year it’s unbelievable, however one thing I have come to notice is how at ease I have become with my personal growth & journey. Unlike previous years I am not killing myself over things that did not happen (yet), not ripping my hair out over things that I do not have the power to change but simply just enjoying the pace of my growth & the realisation that it can only get better! You see, even with nothing you can still achieve alot with the right mental state, determination & handwork!

So Okay Lets just take a minute to appreciate the fact that Khaki / Camouflage is back & have been slaying this season! Like I found myself scanning through shops (both in store & online) for that perfect piece especially now that I have my hair Did! The combination of Camouflage, fringe & Red lipstick is something that I have been dying to show you all & boy am I glad I finally did..:p. As for the Top, I had honestly thought it would be a lot longer, how wrong was I! Not one to ruin a great outfit I had to soldier through the cold gladly….Thanking God after for whoever invented Hot water bottles & Tea lol 

I had this whole look paired with my Velvet Boots, they are super comfortable & just seamlessly works well with everything; OOh & did I mentioned my Camouflage Jacket is from the thrift shop? If you looking to get some do check in with some thrift shops first as you might get lucky plus save some money too….. Lastly I shot a nail Tutorial Video this week on Youtube so please do check that out too!

Love Promise x

Jacket: Thrift shop // Harness: Ebay// Boots: Simmi Shoes// Top: Blue Inc

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