Heatwave Getting to you, Visit Wahaca For a Chill Taste of Mexican Street Food + Drink

Hey guys, Wahaca Mexican restaurant is my current summer crush for 2017. The food, environment, service and general vibe agrees so much with me. I keep trying to lure everyone close to me there; like ooh lets just go Wahaca then!

Been asked twice already this week to recommend somewhere nice to hang out in London. I thought I might aswell share this with you guys too. Its a franchise; not sure if its global or just currently in the UK only. Southbank centre and Liverpool street are the both branches I have visited so far. Hopefully, their other branches lives up to the same expectations too. No Pressure :p

My first visit to Wahaca was the Southbank centre branch, I can still remember the friendly smile of our waiter. Aside from being a sucker for good food, I am also weak for great customer service. As busy as it was on the day, they endeavour to keep everyone content. Myself and those around me were left smiling as the waiters came and left.

The menu includes a collection of light and heavy meals to suit anyone. The prices are quite reasonable too. It also boost some decent sharing platter for group visits too. London is already expensive enough, hence I am always after ways to reduce cost. Planning a date after work, meeting some friends or just enjoying some alone time? this place should have something for you.

 Love Promise x


Photos by Amanda – Jayne Easmod Edit by Me 

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