How I keep up with the Frustrating Demands of Fast Paced Fashion as a Blogger

Fast paced fashion is a problem and a curse depending on each persons’ point of view. While fashion retailers make a huge economic contributions to the society, the ethical conditions of production will also be an issue for debates. As a blogger, its is my job to keep up with trends and alert my audience of new products. In most cases, accessories and clothes used on each post gets sold out or goes out of stocks before I even get around to posting them on my blog. 

This becomes extremely frustrating even to my readers and followers on social media. My hope always is that I not only inspire others but that they can create something similar to my styles. Hence the reason I have adopted new tips and tricks to help me keep up. 

Group my Shoot 

This is the most effective way I accumulate contents for myself. Blogging takes up more time than most  people would think. Pre shoot preparations down to the actual shoot, editing and posting are all very time consuming. In other to have current and relevant contents to keep up with the fast paced fashion demands, I ensure that I shoot 2 to 3 outfits at a time. That way I am never out of materials for posting.

New Arrivals

My second tip have to be shopping new arrival items both in store and online. Considering that most fashion items becomes unavailable in as little as 4 to 6 weeks, having my eyes on mostly newly arrived items helps. This way if I take up to 3 to 4 weeks after shoot before posting, it would still be relevant. Additional tip is mixing them with sales items to save you money.


Fashion is so fast paced its literally deja vu, this is why I do not throw anything away. Trends are repetitive which means any little alteration here and there will turn your old clothes new again. Youtube is a great source for DIY video tips and ideas that you can used to refresh you wardrobe. 

Know where to Shop 

When I can no longer find an item from the store, I check for shops with similar styles for replicas. The more you know about your favourite stores and what kind of designs they stock, the easy this would be for you. Nothing worst than leaving your readers completely empty-headed so I always ensure I provide alternatives for them instead. 

On the note of my first tip which is shooting in groups, I find that creating lookbooks really also helps. I generally like lookbooks as its a great way for me to keep up with the fast paced fashion industry. My last lookbook received some great feedbacks that have inspired me to create a anti – spring lookbook too. I am really excited to get started and share it with you guys.  click here for full Vidoe and do not forget to let me know what you guys think of it too.

Love Promise x  


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Jacket: Pull & Bear Similar || Trainer: H & M || Knit Dress: Pull & Bear 

Photos by SchneidAir Marton

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