Friday Weekend Gold Glitter Glam Makeup Collaboration

Happy weekend guys, today’s makeup is an all glam collob look created by my friend Keisha Des Vignes . I am so in love with this look and how it enhances the colours of my hair. The hair is another joint project of ours and we have quit a few more planned too.

A little bit about Keisha, she is a professional makeup, hair and beauty artist. I met her from my early days as a model and we have stayed working together. She has a flair for colours and life that I am always into. As an artist, I love how she is able to unit colours together in such a creative way. 

The makeup look she created helped enhance my new hair colour that now I have no doubts whosoever. If you read my last post click here, you would have known that I was still getting use to the colour of my hair. Who would have thought that bold bright glittery makeup look would compliment such a bold hair colour as orange right!

Whatever the occasion, this look is a yes and can simply do no wrong. Seeing an established makeup artist do their things show me a different sides of how its should be done. Everyone one has their own way of doing things and Keisha is no exception. She loves creating unique looks by combining different products to create her own.

She has also introduced me to some new brands that I had not hear of before now. Kryolan and kitoko products where some of those that she used that I had not known of till now. Their products where actually very vibrants, I now actually want some for myself. We will be doing quit a few collob projects in the future with her and I can’t wait to share with you all. 

For now though, please do let me know what you guys think of the makeup video and the hair videos will soon follow. Have a great weekend, keep save and as always thank you for stopping by. 

Love Promise X 

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