Flower Girl Sunday’s Best in Lace Dress by AX Paris

   Happy Sunday guys, hope you all are having a blissful weekend. I am a little flower girl today and am totally loving it. Usually I avoid wearing most things that makes me too feminine, I feel am too small already as it is. Nothing is more feminine than being a flower girl, but yes am embracing my femininity too. Those of you who knows me know am queen edgy, but yes sometimes it also doesn’t hurt to be delicate. 

Initially, I wanted to post this look up for Easter, but like I said on my previous post, I was not really feeling Easter this year. Not in no mood to shoot or blog, I am now only posting this up. Also really got into the flower girl trend thanks to Coachella and all the festive vibe going on on Instagram. Glitters, shining stones, unicorns and more will be something that I will be featuring a lot off soon.

I honestly did not know what to expect with yellow and orange on the hair. Yes I was going for some femininity but worried it would have been over the top. Luckily, my plan to be a delicate flower girl was a success. Even with wearing blush pink lace dress, it still worked rather than well if I do say so myself. Talk about you do not till you try right ? I intend to try out a few more bold colourful looks like this in the future too.

This would be the case for both outfits and makeup look that I create from hence on. I have totally enjoyed having this orange hair colour and can’t wait to explore more colours too. What colours would you guys recommend if any? I will like to hear them all below. If anyone is interest, this is a diy flower crown, I spotted the normal decorative plastic flowers from the pound shop. I was please to see that I only needed one for a complete crown. 

Lastly my dress is from AX Paris, I was very glad to know that they stocked in New Look. I made this discovering on my hunt for a perfect Easter dress. Delicate and Pastel, I was instantly drawn to the colour and style. Lace is my thing hence I needed no much convincing, funny fun fact, its actually a Size 10. Not that this is a such a big deal but am a 6-8 on dresses, so to have a size 10 fit this perfectly was a pleasant surprise too.

I guess I would have to leave you guys with a little bits of motivation for the new week. Anything you really want this week is worth giving a go, just how I decided to try my dress desperate the size. It might just end up becoming a blessing in disguise. Have a great week ahead guys…

Love Promise xxx 


Dress: AX Paris ( New Look )|| Shoes: Misguided|| Flower Crown: DIY 

Photos by Amanda-Jayne Easmon

Insta: amanda_says_gracias |Email: aj_easmon@outlook.com |Facebook: Amanda-Jayne Easmon

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