Double Denim

Denim is Timeless, chic, sophisticated and yet comfortable, you can never go wrong with Denim so why limit yourself to just a pair or some pairs of trousers, mix it up. An oversized or normal size Skate Denim Skirts, boyfriends’ oversized shirt,rippled or loose denim, just remember you can never go wrong with them, an two or more denim colour clashes at the same time even better….Go on if Rihanna did it them you can too ”Wink”

Denim Skirt: Primark // Top: Burton // Shoes: Office //Gold Clucth: Debenhams // Glasses: Ebay //Watch: Miss sixty  

Photos Adelson Cadete 

IMG_2274 -L2_XkGdz2LP5E9-bEEkabck7qBAJqzgrBYfpsRMxQ0 IMG_2288 FuhdCeXghd4luXVt8_iwhrpRb_0oVrivIMhC3_AcRvU IMG_2289 0SaBlxy5jKANDoUr-LLDNNqj7vY25RFvSziWjgN7tBk IMG_2282

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