The Devil In the Details in Asos, Urban Outfitters, Fila and Pull & Bear, Summer Maxi Style

The Devil in the Detail comes from this beautiful maxi dress by Pull & Bear. With whom I had a very short but sweet fling; a brief sad lived love affair. The detailing on the back won me over. I mean how often do you come across designs like this in denim?

However, the only size small left was on the damm mannequin! They simply won’t let me strip that b*tch or even swap the sizes. The selfish mannequin had no where to wear them to anyway, I did. Desperate to have it featured in my denim lookbook still, I settled for the medium. As it was still too big even after my  desperate attempts to adjust them, I  later retuned them back. By this time, the dress was all sold out both in store and online. Had the bust area not been too visibly big, I would have still kept them.

Maxi Denim dress designs like this are often rare to come by; when they do, they are usually over priced. Which is why not being able to keep this piece was really painful. Painful enough for me to consider getting some denim fabrics to replicate the exact same design for myself.  The price was decent, if my memories serves me right, it cost under £40. Hopefully, I can get some time of my life to actually replicate the design. If that ever happens, you guys would be the first to know.

Clothes with amazing back details always blow my mind. Like from the front you think ‘ oh nice ‘ but then they turn around and you think ” oooh Yass! ” . Compliments like that brings me so much satisfaction, which is why The Devil in the details effect, I mostly go for the back. Nothing beats dresses or garments with beautiful back details and designs.

Anyway, enough with all my rants, the devil and my back obsessions. The Denim Lookbook should be up on my Youtube this weekend, hope you guys are excited to see all 20 different looks. This was definitely my most adventurous Lookbook so far! I just wanted to go all out and I am glad I did. To not miss it, Click link to subscribe  and also let me know what you think of the other videos on my channel too while you are at at.

My sandals is by Asos and  Fila strap bag from Urban Outfitters if you guys was curious. Its been a little while since I got them so forgive the lack of direct links. Did you guys notice how conveniently my background said ” F•ck Trump ” ? no it was not plan, but boy did it make me happy! Despite the rainy miserable London summer as usual, am still wishing you all a great weekend!

Love Promise x



Photos by Amanda – Jayne Easmon 

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