Daily Prompt: Tiny ( Working with what you Have)

via Daily Prompt: Tiny

IF I get a penny for every time someone is pointed out to me how Tiny I am I will be super rich by now…Ok maybe thats a bit of an exaggeration but still I sometimes wonder why they feel the need to point this out like I have no Mirrors at home ( literally rolling my eyes lol )….But I love this fact about myself, yes they have been times I had wished I was taller…Yes taller, but that only last for seconds & am back to appreciating my bada** physique that accommodate my horse like appetite without any consequences i.e Obesity!….because let’s be honest am as lazy as they come when it comes to working out but hopefully that will change soon! 

Probably the second reason I have learn to work with what I have, be it my living space or my body stature is because I understand that no matter how perfect things may seem from the outside, NO one or Nothing is Ever a 100%!…I have intensively mastered the act of organising and utilising every possible space available to me, camera angles, under bed storage lol you name it & am right on it….It important to understand that we can’t all get everything we desire in life but should learn to work with what we have been given…

Lastly I am currently exploring some of the New Trends for Fall….Trying out some DIY Ideas, mixing & matching pieces from different shops & also discovering new things about myself (like my hidden halloween make-up abilities for one ) it so refreshing seeing myself push the limits of what I thought I had no Interest or ability in before now  & as always I could’nt wait to share it with you all….So here is the first look from my fall LOOkbook so far…you all should feel special as am giving you guys a Very Special Preview lol … Its a free casual Outfit of the day…something I wear during the week to get around my various day to day activities…

Also don’t Forget to Check Out my Youtube Channel as You will be in for a Real Treat…Halloween Vidoes, Hauls, DIY Tips…All New Videos Uploaded Two to Three Times Weekly… My Mom Jeans Below is also a result from one of my DIY Projects so do Check Them out!  www.youtube.com/styledbypromisefashion 

Bralet: H & M // T.Shirt:Primark//Trainers: H & M// Bag: Aldo// Mom JEan : Primark ( DIY Video Link  https://youtu.be/crBMqgM4FZ0 )


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