Daily Prompt: Sincerely…Exploring my World

As a person in the creative industry there is a danger of fallen into any and everything creative within your field or profession, For example in my case, I  started off as a Designer ( self taught out of boredom ) then moved onto modelling, From this I ventured into Editorial Styling before finally going to Study Fashion, Art & Photography and Lastly ended up Blogging….So you see its fair to say I have hooped from pretty much too much & to some people this is a very bad charaterstics to have as a professional because I do not fit into one particular box. I often get poeple say things like “you can’t do them all, surely there is one you sincerely prefer to the other so choice” 

To this I answer why should I ? Its time we stop allowing people get the better of us because they demand that we fit into a given class, style, behaviourial pattern or even profession & this is why I love exploring my world. Be it my personal or Editorial concepts, art, photographer or what not, I do them all, they are linked together & Lastly from feedbacks I have gotten I believe its fair to say I do them well too… The way I see it we all wake up in different mood wanting different things each day so we shouldn’t be constraint to do same thing day after day: sure you need to earn money, however there are lots of hobbie (if you want to call it that) that can be converted into income if the indiviual is smart enough to learn ways to make this transition.

Speaking of Transitioning, I am in the process of transforming my personal style as I might have mentioned on an early post here & here is another one of my looks from my autumn/winter lookbook for 2016/2017 (Video Coming Up Soon)….So many beautiful trends came back in fashion this year & the loose baggy comfty & Velvet Trend is something am fully getting inolved in this Winter!

Love Promise x

Jumper: Zara||Trousers:H&M||Choker Set:Rebel by Just Promise||Boots: Simmi Shoes


img_7787 img_8105 img_8101 img_8102 img_7788 img_8098 img_8103


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