Daily Prompt: Reach

Hey guys, I wanted to play a little game today as I have been seeing this Daily Prompt post where you get to write a post around a given word. I love things like this because its spontaneous, hence honest as you have no time to seat an plan…So here it goes!

Reach means different things to different people but to me I would say the word describes some aspect of my personality; to put it simply I am always reaching for new goals, dreams or ways to improve certain aspects of my life. I hate being stagnant; which some people view as being overly ambitious while others say its a good thing, either way though its a part of me that keeps me afloat.

I mean if you going to dream might as well dream big. In life I refuse to believe that their is only one way to go when trying to get somewhere, so my advice is to exhaust all possibilities when reaching for your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Above that though, know when to stop and don’t beat yourself up too much; take pride in understanding that even when a goal is not accomplished, you did all you could and gained experience which is immeasurable.

Oops, I almost forget to share the details of the beautiful Outfit I have on! Its a Looks from my whats in my wardrobe Video (here is the link if you missed it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Hoxud-Qdjg ) . The ruffle-off-the-shoulders Top/ Dress has not only been in trend this season but simply flattered all body types. Ladies if you haven’t yet joined the hype, you really should. I pair my ruffle leotard top with a Slim fitted trousers and tassel heels; perfect for both day time office hours & late night drinks!

Love Promise x

Top:Boohoo//Trouser: Topshop//Watch:Micheal Kors//Shoes:Office//Rings:H&M – Topshop

Photos by Favour Ebede



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