Daily Prompt: Fragile

via Daily Prompt: Fragile


I came across a crazy hair challenge going on on Youtube prompting me to discuss the fragility of black hair aka (Afro)!  Its is a struggle to keep it nourished, moisturised and Long; and to be in the chance of achieving any of these elements  with an afro hair type you would have to go through a tedious routine and be willing to spend quite a bit of money on organic and natural products before it can grow Long and lush.

For this simply reason most people have come up with the myth that Black hair can’t go beyond a certain Length which I must say is not true! It does grow long and beautiful just not a lot of people with this hair type can handle the delicate nature and it’s demand, myself included. Luckily for us though, with the rise of natural hair movements ( i.e Afro Punk, Black girls magic, Black Girls Rock, etc) a lot of tips and tricks on how to grow your Afro have now been made widely available to encourage people to keep a healthier hair and to also wear their Fros boldly.


I have tried to include the main natural ingredents for longer heathy hair, these are not just for Afro hair types guys, there are tones of natural Organic product that makes all the difference to everyone hair inrespective of the type of hair you have. Shae butter, coconut oil, organ oil, eggs, oilver oil, Casto Oil to mention a few are some of those goodies your hair and even your skin needs. Also you would find  lot of tutorials online especailly Youtube if you need them. Personally,  I belive ensuring your  hair stays moisturized is a key way to happier hair days.  Also Check out the Link below for the Video Challenge I mentioned earlier, don’t forget to leave a Comments guys if you have any suggestions to make  X

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